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Elementary Algebra

Course Name Algebraic Problem Solving I, Math 0930 Section 56 (formally
Math 100A)
CRN 81720
Description First of a two-course series in elementary algebra. Topics
include signed numbers, solving linear equations, formulas,
graphing, and applications. Course satisfies prerequisite for
MATH 0940 (100B), MATH 1110 (111) and MATH 1210 (119).
Prerequisites MATH 0750 (formally Math 99) or equivalent skills as
demonstrated by placement exam.
Start and End Dates Starts: January 12, 2009 Ends: April 25, 2009
Instructor Name Gayle Wilson
Phone Office phone: 224-5693 Message: 224-3993 ext: 1217
Off-campus phone: 858-8891 please leave a message.
Required face-to-face meetings including but not limited to: Proctored exams, on campus presentations; orientations; midterm exams; final exams, etc. None.
Required Texts Elementary Algebra for CNM Math 100A, 3rd ed., Alan S. Tussy
and R. David Gustafson, 2006.
It is recommended that all Distance Learning students purchase the Student Solution Manual for this textbook
and a scientific calculator with [a b/c] (fraction) key. (Suggested model: TI-30xIIs).

Register and use the textbook publisher’s website (more information will be provided once class begins) for additional help with topics, homework concepts, practice tests and step-by-step solutions to problems.

The textbook for the online class will NOT be the same as the one used in face-to-face courses. Make sure you have purchased the correct textbook. Also, purchasing a new textbook gives you access to more items at the publishers website for help and assistance in the course.
Software Requirements: software student must purchase for this course. Students will not have to purchase any software for this course.
However, there are several required programs which the
student must have and can download at no cost.

Students may need to download free programs, such as Flash, Adobe Acrobat (v 8 or later), and an online test-taking program – Respondus Lockdown Browser (more information will be supplied later), etc., to their computer in order to access the internet material needed to complete this course.

Students must have the ability to download, upload, and open Microsoft Word documents.
Recommended connection speed (Dial up, DSL, or High speed) It is highly recommended that the student have DSL or cable internet access. Videos are used extensively in this course. Having a high speed connection is vital.

Students must have an e-mail account prior to the start of the term. CNM does provide a free email account to every student. For more information contact CNM Helpdesk.

Students must have the ability to copy, scan, e-mail, and attach documents. If students do not have the necessary equipment, these procedures can be done at some CNM computer labs or at local copy stores.
Additional requirements for this course Students must have access to an operating system equivalent
to Windows 98 (or better) and web browsing software. In addition, when registering for a Blackboard account, students should click on “Check Browser” to make sure they have the appropriate version of Java and Flash.

Before the first exam, students will be required to download the free software which is necessary to complete exams (Lockdown Browser). More information will be provided within the course.
Online Information and time commitment Many people wrongly assume that online classes are easier
than traditional classes. The opposite is probably true. You must
be highly motivated and self-disciplined to successfully
complete the course. Students are expected to log on to Bb a
minimum of 3 days, not times, each week. Students should
  expect to spend a minimum of 8 hours each week completing course requirements. Additional instructions for registered students
Before the course opens